My Mathematical Formula Horse Racing System

The mathematical formula horse racing system is so simple and easy to use and finds winners quickly! Most punters have busy lives and do not have time to trawl through horse form every day.  I must stress that there will be days when the system picks no horses so please accept that and have a day off from betting.

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The horse racing system works on UK handicap horse races but you can apply it to UK non handicap races if you like. The book will cover mainly UK handicap races but I will put in a few non handicap race examples in here as well.


This horse racing system and can be manually applied easily using the Racing Post on the internet.

Punter’s can be fickle people where 95% of them could have no understanding of horse form and probability.

If you can back horses at higher prices then you will make money!


I regularly back horses that have a starting price of 2/1 and get 10/1!

Most punters want winners everyday regardless of the price and the horse’s real chance of winning that race, this is where the bookmakers clean up.

Please take your time and practise this horse racing betting system and more importantly understand in-play betting odds on the Betfair exchange. You do not need to the use betting exchange you can back using normal bookmakers but make sure you get decent odds.


The Betfair Factor


Many punters use standard bookmakers but the better value is in-play betting on these selections on the Betfair exchange as you can see from the race examples in this system. When a race is in-play a horse’s price will move erratically sometimes spike out to 40.0 or 100.0!

So say a horse is 2/1 ( 3.0 Betfair ) before the race starts you could ask for 10.0 in-play so you can see how much more profit you could make.

I can never understand why punters have not latched onto this!

How The Horse Racing System Work


The mathematical formula horse racing system works on 2 simple steps for UK races.

The 2 steps are as follows which I will go into more detail later.

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my mathematical formula horse racing system