Free Horse Racing Tips The Myth

Free Horse Racing Tips Explanation

 Ok let’s look at free horse racing tips in detail and why they appeal to most punters across the world.

First thing that comes to mind is the word ‘Free’ yes everybody likes something for free, who doesn’t?

But what are you actually getting for free?

Does the free horse racing tip or tips represent anything in terms of these winning a horse race and more importantly long term profitability. I will explain further on long term profitability and how this is a quick way to the poor house. If UK horse racing tips are free to everyone these types of horse racing tips will be priced up by the bookmakers and exchanges accordingly! In other words every man and his dog will know about these horse racing tips it is that simple. The price or odds of these horse selections will be short and thus no long term profits. Basically following free horse racing tips as a long term profitable strategy is not viable and many punters reading this will probably not like this statement.


So Why Do Punters Follow And Not Follow Free Horse Racing Tips


They split into the following three categories,

  1. They lack the time to study horse racing form and this is understandable. People have families and/or demanding jobs and life just seems a little bit faster nowadays. Studying UK horse racing form is an arduous task which involves pouring over many horse form variables which can take hours per horse race trust me I have been there. Brain fatigue normally steps in after a couple of hours and a bad days horse racing normally forces the punter to look for easier opportunities to make money from horse racing. This is where the problem begins and you might as well stop gambling on horses and save your hard earned cash it is that simple and yet again most punters will not like this statement.
  2. The punters lack the experience and ability to read horse racing form on a daily basis and this is quite understandable. In this situation the punter has a number of choices 1). Use free tips available across the media. 2). Pay for tips. Most determined punters will pay for tips to get an edge. This is obviously dependant on the punters budget.
  3. Lastly the punter is lazy and looking for a quick and easy return and these punters will try multiple free horse racing tips sites hopping between them.



When Free Horse Racing Tips Are Useful


They can be great as a recreational tool when people are going to the races or watching big horse racing events like the Grand National famous horse race. In other words for people who like an occasional bet and acknowledge they are not in the game to financially change their life. This is where these free horse racing tips add more than monetary value they provide enjoyment.


What I hate About Free Horse Racing Tips


I see free horse tips across media promoting bookmaker affiliate links this makes my blood boil it really does. The only people making money here are the bookmakers and the people behind promoting the affiliate links. The internet is saturated by this and the average punter walks into the quick sand and parts with their money very quickly over a period of time.

I will not dwell on this I think you understand my feelings!




Free horse racing tips play a part of this beautiful sport and if used in the correct way can provide enjoyment. As a long term profitable strategy the answer is no and should be avoided. If you are an occasional better or lack time to study horse racing form then use the free horse racing tips out there.