Guaranteed Horse Racing System

Let me make this quite clear from the start, horses are not machines and have off days or are unlucky. With any horse racing system you are looking for long term profits it is that simple. If you are in it for the short term forget it.

This horse racing system has evolved over 10 years of computer modelling horse form in UK horse races. I wrote my own software and designed and implemented an up to date horse form database to allow me to model these races. Now I have written many UK horse racing systems mainly around handicap races. None of these are guaranteed horse racing systems, you will have winning days and losing days but its long term profit is what is required.

Let me give you an example of a favourite for race priced at decimal odds 2.0 or evens in old money. Now let us imagine our guaranteed horse racing system has selected this horse as a bet. The probability in mathematical terms of the horse winning the race is 50/50 or evens. Now the market might have got the price wrong for this horse wrong and its probability of winning the race is 6/4 which is obviously worse than evens.

Guaranteed horse racing systems do not exist as everyone would be millionaires look at the profits bookmakers make that tells the story.

Our horse racing systems which we sell on our website produce long term profits, if you are an emotional punter who loses control when they have a string of losing bets then you should stop betting on horses.

Punters will often purchase a guaranteed horse racing system with great enthusiasm only to find after a week it was not a guaranteed winning one, they did not give it enough time. They then purchase another guaranteed horse racing system and the cycle repeats itself.

Horse racing form can be viewed and interpreted in many different ways our horse racing systems do exactly this with each “guaranteed horse racing system” analysing form in different ways.

Our best “guaranteed horse racing system”

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