Horse Racing Betting Methods

What Is A Horse Racing Betting System


There are many horse racing betting systems out there some are good and some are very poor indeed. In this article I want to dig deeper into this subject area. 

First priority in my opinion the horse racing betting system makes profit in other words you make more money than you lose over the long term!

These systems should never use ‘doubling your stakes’ methodology to recover any previous losses. This is where you keep doubling your stakes when you get a loss. This is the quickest way to the poor house.

The betting system should be clear with a series of steps to follow that allow a horse racing punter to determine if any suitable horses are thrown up to place a bet on. There should be no ambiguity in the horse racing system. The steps should be clear and easy to follow and quick to implement.

You must expect to get losing selections from horse racing systems losses are inevitable but in the long run you should be making profit at set key dates like per month or year etc.

A horse racing betting system that can be automated is even better as you take out the human error element plus freeing up your time to do other things.

All my horse racing systems I sell on my website I have automated myself as I am fortunate I have a bespoke database with horse form data and  I can write computer programs to query this form data.


Why are there so many horse racing betting systems?


When reading horse form there are so many factors and variables to take into account, speed rating, official rating, distance wins and 100’s more. All of this horse form data can be assessed in many ways by the punter and an opinion formed on a horse’s chance of winning. A simple horse racing system could use one piece of form data ‘course wins’ how many times the horse has won at the course. You may say it’s simple and not effective but please note some horses love certain courses not all the courses are the same. Some have stiff uphill finishes that draws on a horse’s stamina. When you link all this horse form data together there are numerous possibilities of a horse being a bet and hence you a large number of horse racing betting systems.



Should you pay for a horse racing betting system?


If the horse racing betting system makes profit then yes, why would you not?

So what price should you pay for a horse racing betting system? This I believe is what the creator of the horse racing betting system feels they should charge for their hard work. On my website I charge different amounts for the different horse racing betting systems. I take the approach the higher the price the better horse racing system and also to reflect the amount of work I have put into the system like testing and modelling.


I can recommend two of my horse racing betting systems below.

Horse Racing Betting System Seeing The Light


This horse racing system has two simple steps that can be applied to UK and Irish handicap horse races very quickly. These two steps use the excellent free racing post on internet. A horse race can be assessed in 2 minutes. This is a great system for the punter who has little time to wade through horse form looking for a betting opportunity.

Horse Racing Betting System


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Most Profitable Horse Racing System


This is the best horse racing system I sell on my website and is for the serious punter who likes to look at horse form. This horse racing systems has four steps to follow and is a very selective system. If you like 5 or 6 selections per day then this is not for you. This system produces 1 or 2 selections per day for UK and Irish handicap horse races. I certainly like this horse racing system and is well worth the money.

Horse Racing Betting System


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