Unusual Horse Racing Systems

We need to define what an unusual horse racing system is and what are the characteristics of unusual horse racing systems. The definition of an unusual horse racing system might not be the same for every punter, I think it is quite difficult to define unusual horse racing systems plus there are many systems out there. I have written approximately 17 UK horse racing systems, some are simple and others are more complex but they are not unusual systems to me. These horse racing systems explore the 1000’s of horse form variables and search for repeating patterns to identify potential winning horses.

But if I had to pick the most unusual horse racing system from the ones I have written it would probably be the one below.

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 Unusual Horse Racing Systems


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This uses 6 concrete horse form variables and some magic sauce when identifying potential bets. This is my latest horse racing system and it is quite expensive to purchase but in life you pay for what you get. This is my first horse racing system that covers UK handicap and non handicap horse races I have tended to only write horse racing systems around UK handicap races so this was a refreshing change.

Why is this an unusual horse racing system?


I think it is unusual because the magic sauce component of this racing system is easy to apply but has maximum impact. Secondly the magic sauce component is applied differently depending on whether it is a UK handicap race or non handicap race. I never thought this final qualifier - the magic sauce, could have so much weight when deciding to place a bet.

It also an unusual racing system in the fact that it is clear and concise and will eliminate horses from a race card very quickly. You are then left with the cream and possible potential bets.


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