Betfair Horse Racing Strategy

I have tested many Betfair horse racing strategies over the last 10 years and I actually started trading on Betfair in 2007. My background is that I have a computer science degree and I am very analytical so I had an advantage in that I could code and model new Betfair horse racing trading strategies. I decided to write a book on one Betfair horse racing strategy that I have developed that operates in UK and Irish Betfair horse racing markets and more importantly it trades in-play and not pre-off. Now we have the traders who only like to trade before a race starts, say 5 minutes before race off time. They will then exit their Betfair position 5 or 10 seconds before the start of the race securing a green up or red up position. Now I have modelled pre race off and in-play Betfair strategies and I can definitely say I favour the in-play Betfair strategy.


What Is My Betfair Horse Racing Strategy


Now my new book describes this Betfair horse racing strategy in detail and it can be used manually or via Betfair trading automation software. I like this in-play strategy as it is simple but effective and profitable. I let my trading software place my Betair trades automatically so I do not need to be in front of my computer screen all day.

There is one thing I have learnt over the years about Betfair horse racing strategies is that people try to make them too complicated when in fact I believe the simple strategies are the better ones with less moving parts.

You will find my new book very enlightening.

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Betfair Horse Racing Strategy

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