Picking Winners

Picking Winners No Longer A Problem



The title of this book is a bold statement and one cannot really state this unless you put your money were your mouth is!

I have written many books around UK horse racing systems and this one I really enjoyed due to the simplicity of this picking winners horse racing system and how easy it is to apply.

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The picking winners system uses the excellent free racing post website where you can obtain all the form data you need to use this system. Plus you do not have to be a form expert to understand it.

I personally think horse racing pundits make heavy weather of horse racing form, i.e.  looking at a horse’s breeding and many other factors. I think this information just confuses the average punter.

I have added a special bonus horse laying system in this book and I think you will enjoy it!

This horse laying system is so easy to follow you will look back at all the bets you have placed in the past and wonder how did I get it so wrong! Yes it will hurt knowing how much money you lost when you should have not.

Moving back onto the horse backing system, picking winners will be very easy for you and even more you will gain confidence and control in your betting. This horse racing system normally picks 2 to 3 horses per day in UK handicap horse racing markets.

You should aim at using Betfair to place your bets due to the better prices and in-play tactic I will show you in this book.

Understand the system before placing bets, I hope you enjoy it!


How The Picking Winners System Works


The system works for all UK Handicap Horse races only.

You will need access to the internet and the Racing Post website this is free.

I am not going to explain horse form in detail in this book as this is not required. This horse racing system is a step by step process that you just follow and is not ambiguous. There are five simple steps to this system.

This picking winners horse racing system is so obvious but most punters miss it! When you start reading this book you will think what an unusual method to pick horses but you will soon notice how many winners you are getting and the profit you are making.


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Picking Winners No Longer A Problem