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My best selections across UK handicap and non handicap horse races. 

These are emailed to you before 12pm on the days racing.

These ratings produce winners on a daily basis and allow you to bet manually or use a bot to place your bets.

The service is £29 for 1 months ratings which is £1 per day.


20th May 2024 


  3-13      NEWTON ABBOT    Clearance        17/2 Won        
  7-00      CARLISLE        Nelson Gay              16/1 Lost
  7-00      CARLISLE        Jordan Electrics         5/2 Won 
  7-30      CARLISLE        Exalted Angel           10/1 2nd
  7-30      CARLISLE        Sacred Falls              13/8 Won
  8-00      CARLISLE        James McHenry        5/2 Won 
  8-00      CARLISLE        Redarna                    3/1Lost
  3-00      REDCAR          Catton Lady             7/2 Lost
  3-30      REDCAR          Crack The Kode       12/1 Lost  
  5-30      REDCAR          The Crafty Mole       Evs Won     
  6-40      WINDSOR         Many A Star           9/2 2nd   
  2-13      NEWTON ABBOT    Pirates Tale      15/8 2nd      
  6-30      CARLISLE        Lady Lightning         12/1 Lost  
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