UK Horse Racing Betting Secret System


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Best Winning Horse Racing Strategies 

This horse racing system took me approximately 12 months to computer model and test primarily around UK handicap horse races. This would have not been possible without my 10 years database of horse form and my I.T. computer skills.

Handicap horse racing fascinates me I find it a great puzzle to solve and love form variables like weight, official rating and many more. This horse racing system has four simple steps that find winners daily and I have outlined tips to get more profit.

I like using this system for betting singles and doubles which are lethal and produce massive profits!

In the book I have covered a horse race in extensive detail so that you understand the system and how to apply the horse racing system to each race quickly and thus finding winners easily.

I suggest that you make yourself familiar with each step of the system before you start placing bets. I have included 100’s of horse racing result examples that the system produced for the flat and jumps season 2019/2020 so you can back check these results to ensure you understand it. In other words you can apply the system on these past results I have outlined using the racing post on the internet and my system. With this suggested approach you will become more confident when placing bets or trades on your selections.

Note: Try to keep away from stupid Lucky15 bets and large ACCAs etc! These are silly bets for recreational punters who bet with bookmakers at cramped odds.

I wrote this book to help fellow punters and traders to get an edge I hope you enjoy this one.

Remember horses do lose!


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